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Top 10 Balloon Flights News Stories 

The Plano Hot Air Balloon Fest completes day 2

Saturday marked day two of the Plano Balloon Festival. This year mark's 35 years of Ballooning in Plano, Texas.

20 Sep 14

Play Dirty Adventures Featured at 2014 Ascension Hot Air Balloon Festival

GONZALES ? Officials with the 2014 Ascension Hot Air Balloon Festival announced today festival goers still have time to sign up for the Play Dirty Adventure Hot Air Balloon Run scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 27 from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m. at Lamar-Dixon Expo Center.

20 Sep 14

Against odds, Duluth Hot Air Balloon Festival takes flight opening night

Duluth, MN ( --- Bad weather couldn't stop the determined balloon experts from taking to the sky in Canal Park Friday evening.

19 Sep 14

Volunteer Positions Still Available for Ascension Hot Air Balloon Festival

GONZALES ? Ascension Parish President Tommy Martinez announced this week volunteer positions are still available for the 2014 Ascension Hot Air Balloon Festival on Sept. 26 and 27 at Lamar-Dixon Expo Center.

19 Sep 14

Hot air balloon visits Farragut Primary

This week, balloonists are traveling to several area schools ahead of the Celebration of Hope Balloon Festival.

18 Sep 14

Hot air balloon spectacle

A ONE-off night glow hot air balloon spectacular will take place on Saturday, September 27 at Tavistock College.

17 Sep 14

Hunter Valley mother Nicola Scaife wins first women's hot air balloon world championship

It is an activity most people associate with sunsets and sightseeing more than tournaments and trophies.

17 Sep 14

Foley saves Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival as chamber announces its return in 2015

With more financial backing from the city, the South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce has agreed to host the Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival in 2015 for its 11th year.

16 Sep 14

Duluth Hot Air Balloon Fest kicks off Friday

Duluth, MN ( -- Organizers of the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Duluth have their fingers crossed for good weather this weekend. The festival will kick off Friday and continue through Sunday at Bayfront Festival Park.

15 Sep 14

Lawton's "Clean Air Campaign" ends with hot-air balloon ride

If you saw a hot-air balloon in the sky Saturday night, this is why.

13 Sep 14

Virgin hot air balloon forced to land at Stevenage golf course

Forget bunkers and lakes ? golfers faced a different kind of hazard last week when a hot air balloon was forced to land at the Stevenage Golf and Conference Centre.

12 Sep 14

Selectmen give okay for Old Home Day hot air balloon

Old Home Day is right around the corner, and visitors to the annual event will be able to get a bird's eye view of the festivities.

11 Sep 14

Watch neighbours save busted Wonderbra hot air balloon

One resident said he thought something had gone wrong with his girlfriend's cooking as he heard the gas fail on the hot air balloon

11 Sep 14

Watch neighbours rescue busted Wonderbra hot air balloon

One resident said he thought something had gone wrong with his girlfriend's cooking as he heard the gas fail on the hot air balloon

11 Sep 14

Hot air balloon ride leaves Forest Grove resident 'still flying' after 90th birthday celebration

Forest Grove resident Iris Donaldson took a hot air balloon ride with Vista Balloon Adventures to celebrate her 90th birthday.

11 Sep 14

Wonderbra's famous uplift fails to save hot air balloon

A hot air balloon sponsored by Wonderbra was left deflated when it clipped a roof and a car as it came down over houses in Burpham

10 Sep 14

PSUB hot air balloon event was a huge disappointment

My roommate ran into the kitchen the other day shouting, ?Guys, there are free hot air balloon rides on Thursday! We have to go!?

07 Sep 14

Man Who Lost Wallet From Hot Air Balloon Gets Pleasant Surprise

A man who participated in the Hearts A'Fire hot air balloon event in Colorado Springs over Labor Day weekend lost his wallet while flying and feared it would never be found, but he was wrong.

07 Sep 14

High winds disappoint 800 hot air balloon hopefuls

Thursday evening at Pickett Park, 800 students lined up to register for a free hot air balloon ride.

05 Sep 14

What did you think of the hot air balloon activity on campus?

It sat on a throne of lies! 16 29% I don't care. 13 23% It was a nice concept. 7 13%

04 Sep 14

Purdue Student Union Board hosts free hot air balloon rides

The Purdue Student Union Board (PSUB) is giving students the chance to cross off a common bucket list item on Thursday.

02 Sep 14

Hot air balloon makes unplanned landing

The incident was reported just before 7:30 p.m. Monday in the 13800 block of Carmel Valley Road.

01 Sep 14

Hot air balloon takes flight for Field and Fair Day in Lodi

Envelope: The big balloon-like part that fills with hot air. Basket: The woven, basket-like part where the pilot and passengers stand.

01 Sep 14

Hot-air balloon lands on I-25 in Colorado Springs

A hot-air balloon from the Colorado Balloon Classic landed on an Interstate 25 off ramp in Colorado Springs on Sunday morning, police said. Police reported the landing at about 9 a.m. on the Circle Drive off the ramp.

31 Aug 14

Steampunk schedule announced, hot air balloon rides Aug. 30

Weather-permitting, the people attending the Big River Steampunk Festival on Labor Day weekend, today, Aug. 30, and Sunday, Aug. 31, will have an opportunity to ride a hot air balloon this evening. Tickets are refundable if the weather prevents rides.

29 Aug 14

Hot air balloon emergency landing on New Hope street

A hot air balloon was forced to make an emergency landing on a Bucks County street Wednesday night.

27 Aug 14

Hutchins Street Square Foundation seeks two people for hot-air balloon ride

The Hutchins Street Square Foundation has announced the return of Field and Fair Day, and they?re looking for two people to enjoy a ride in a hot air balloon, courtesy of RE/MAX.

22 Aug 14

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