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Top 10 Balloon Flights News Stories 

Pilots set sail on trial runs in final push before start of U.S. National Hot Air Balloon Championship

Above: Pilot Kinnie Gibson, left, prepares to launch his hot air balloon for a practice flight Sunday morning. Left: Sheri Gibson uses a compass to assess the wind patterns after releasing a pie-ball. The devices offer information to balloon pilots, such as wind direction and speed.

28 Jul 14

Billings says goodbye to hot air balloon rally after 19 years

BILLINGS - Nearly two decades of ballooning in the Big Sky came to an end this weekend, as the Magic City Hot Air Balloon Rally wrapped up its final year.

27 Jul 14

Hot air balloon lands in Longview parking lot

People at a Longview apartment complex woke up to a surprise this morning.Residents at Churchill apartments saw a hot air balloon setting down outside of their windows at around 8 a.m.

26 Jul 14

Hot air balloon pilots take flight in East Texas

They're here to get in a few practice runs before the Great Texas balloon race, and to score points towards a possible trip to the world championships.

26 Jul 14

Up, up and away: Hot air balloon festival lifts off

THIS is the moment when more than 100 stunning hot air balloons took off for one of the world?s largest annual ballooning festivals this weekend.

26 Jul 14

Balloons take flight at Magic City Hot Air Balloon Rally

BILLINGS - Five balloons launched from Centennial Park for the Magic City Hot Air Balloon Rally on Friday morning.

25 Jul 14

Fly high in a hot air balloon

Congratulations! Your weather is set to . You can change the location at any time. Don't have an account?

25 Jul 14

High flying fun at the Magic City Hot Air Balloon Rally

The Magic City Hot Air Balloon Rally, a truly breath-taking free event, alights in Billings July 25-27.

24 Jul 14

Hot air balloon lands at Oneida St. residence

A hot air balloon made an unexpected landing behind a residence on Oneida Street Tuesday night.

22 Jul 14

Hot air balloon hits power lines in Massachusetts

A hot air balloon carrying six people hit power lines in Clinton, Massachusetts. Video provided by Ruchika Misra and Christopher Almada.

19 Jul 14

Blinding Flashes as Hot-Air Balloon Hits Power Line

A balloon carrying several people hit power lines as it tried to land, sending up sparks and injuring several people, according to witnesses.

19 Jul 14

Hot air balloon explodes into powerline

THIS is the moment a stunned onlooker captured on film a hot-air balloon crashing into powerlines in a suburban street.

19 Jul 14

Wind fails to halt Night Glow, hot-air balloon liftoff

The 2014 Pro Football Hall of Fame Balloon Classic and Jackson-Belden Food Fest began on the grounds of Kent State University at Stark and Stark State College on Friday.

18 Jul 14

Hot-air balloon fest floats back to Park City this fall

Autumn Aloft, a Park City hot-air balloon festival that has not occurred since the mid-1990s, will float back into the city in September.

18 Jul 14

Hot air balloon makes hard landing in Chester Co. neighborhood

People living in one Chester County community were buzzing Thursday night after something unusual dropped into their neighborhood.

18 Jul 14

Like hot air balloons? Check out Waterford Hot Air Balloon Festival July 18-20

The Waterford Hot Air Balloon Festival is kicking off Friday, July 18th on the grounds of Evergreen Elementary School ? and Chip is getting a sneak peek.

18 Jul 14

Cantata residents ride wheelchair-accessible hot air balloon

BROOKFIELD ? Ten residents at Cantata Adult Life Services had a chance to ride in Serena's Song, the first and only Federal Aviation Administration approved wheelchair-accessible hot air balloon.

15 Jul 14

Smokey Bear to fly at Hot Air Balloon Rodeo in Steamboat Springs

The Yampa Valley will be treated to an impressive visual reminder of human-caused wildfire prevention this weekend when the Smokey Bear Balloon takes part in the 33rd Annual Hot Air Balloon Rodeo, according to a press release.

11 Jul 14

Hot Air Balloon Rodeo seeks weekend volunteers

The Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association is looking for volunteers to help launch 30 hot air balloons over the Yampa Valley on Saturday and Sunday during the annual Hot Air Balloon Rodeo. No experience is necessary. For those who aren?t interested in the balloon crew or can only commit on...

10 Jul 14

Parachutist gets fine reduced for jumping from hot air balloon at Ravenna festival

The FAA wanted to fine Davis Allen Draves $1,100. The two sides settled on $400.

10 Jul 14

Hot air balloon event in Middletown this weekend

Hot air balloons will once again dot the sky over Midldetown as the annual Ohio Challenge Hot Air Balloon Festival launches for 2014 on Friday. Around 40,000 people ? the average crowd for the event ? are expected to be at Smith Park for the 12th annual event over the weekend. ?It makes a positiv...

10 Jul 14

VIDEO: Musicians perform hot air balloon gig

A Somerset choir and accompaniment have had a sky-high rehearsal in a collection of hot air balloons.

08 Jul 14

Runaway hot air balloon loses control in Taitung, lands safely

TAIPEI, Taiwan - A hot air balloon carrying three people lost control and drifted in the air for almost three hours in Taitung yesterday before some 30 people on the ground managed to pull it down to safety, officials said. All three were uninjured in the emergency landing in Hongyeh Village in t...

06 Jul 14

Hot air balloon festival in Poughkeepsie grounded Saturday by high winds

Mac Pampinella, left, and pal Dylan Dutra, both 9, of Highland, check out a hot air balloon at the annual balloon festival at the Poughkeepsie waterfront Saturday. Student hot air balloon pilot Megan Quinn of South Glens Falls adjusts the burners.

05 Jul 14

Mississippi Championship Hot Air Balloon Fest

The event is a fundraiser for the Good Samaritan Center. The Celebrate America Balloon Glow is July 4 at Northpark Mall. The Canton Balloon Glow is July 5 at the Canton Multipurpose Center. More events on the website.

05 Jul 14

Hot air balloon rally includes high-flying proposal

Independence Day began with an engagement, high above the parade ground at Virginia Military Institute.

04 Jul 14

Hot air balloon festival floats toward New Jersey

READINGTON, N.J. (PIX11) ? Up, up and away! New Jersey?s Festival of Ballooning is gently floating toward the Garden State, starting July 25 until July 27. The balloons will lift off at 6:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m., when winds are calmest. And tethered and free-floating rides on the balloons are avail...

02 Jul 14

Stray hot air balloon stops traffic

BALLOONS are meant to go up, up and away. But Yarra Valley drivers were treated to a rare close-up after this hot air balloon went off course.

01 Jul 14

Sugar artists create New Mexican hot-air balloon show cake

FARMINGTON ? A few months ago, the International Cake Exploration Society approached a group of New Mexico sugar artists and challenged them to create a cake representing the state for its upcoming convention in August in Albuquerque.

29 Jun 14

Erie SnapShot: Hot-air balloon night glow thrills onlookers, lights up Meadville

Experience the 26th annual Thurston Classic Night Glow through a time-lapse video by Jack Hanrahan, Andy Colwell and Emily Kask of the Erie Times-News photography department.

29 Jun 14

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